Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Opening tonight

If there is any excuse for my shotty posting over the past little while, here it is.

RTS presents
Written by William Shakespeare

Rehearsed with Ian Watson
Set and costume design by Esther Kim
Lighting design by Kai Masaoka

December 1 - 4 2009
Abrams Studio Theatre

Featuring Eva Barrie, Ayinde Blake, Laurie Campbell, Sean Casey, Cassandra Dang, Patrick Godin, Kira Guloien, Kate Handford, Kirsten Harvey, Madeleine Jullian, Andrew Lawrie, Anthony Rella, Ellis Rockburn, Katie Ryerson, Harveen Sandhu, Karen Slater, Noah Spitzer, Thomas Swayne, Philippe Van de Maele and Anna Wheeler

It's my design debut! It was a strange time in my life, but I am so excited for the show to open tonight, it's been a long time since I was really proud of my work of any sort being featured in a theatre, no matter how small. After a couple 90-hour weeks, I am ready to do this all over again (and I thank everyone involved for teaching me everything I know) and keep at it for once. But before I do anything again, there's the opening night party to attend to.

The sold-out run begins tonight!
ps. Happy December, and hope you enjoyed your snow-free November, Toronto!