Thursday, July 23, 2009

My next adventure

Forty-five long days, one delayed flight, six delayed train rides, countless skipped meals, one ride in the back of a cop car, two CouchSurfing nights, too many dollars overbudget and seventeen (!) cities later, I am home in Toronto. In the 22 hours since my arrival at the YYZ Pearson Airport, I've charged the doors on the TTC, had Tim Hortoms, Bagel Stop and Korean food (yum), went to Dollarama and got rained on. Everything feels surreal, I keep saying Euros instead of dollars and turn around to see the tourist when I hear English being spoken only to realize they are locals. Gosh, I love Toronto.

I'm not sure how to get by for the next couple weeks, being super broke and all, but that is what student living is all about... is that a good thing?

I'm planning my next adventure already, Metro Toronto has published a timely article on the Pacific Northwest Trail, a 1 200-mile trail stretching from Washington State to Montana, over the Rocky Mountains and the Pasayton Wilderness. I would really like to walk it someday. Anyone in? Grizzly bears and all...

Recaps soon!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hello love (yes you),

I thought I'd report and say that I'm alive and well, dirt broke and out of toothpaste in Strasbourg. I have so many things to show you and I will begin when I come home in less than ten days. Strasbourg is a dream, Bern was kind.

See you soon!