Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm horrible.

Speaking of places, I'm heading back to Vancouver in a little over a month, and I miss the mountains and the ocean and the extremely slow public transit, but it's kind of hard to be excited about it. Along with Christmas, along with family, comes someone and events that passed between us that I haven't been able to forgive. My mother would tell me I'm petty, but my pettiness says I decide when I want to be the bigger person, and it's not time yet.

Nonetheless, to make my second trip this year to Vancouver better than the last one (which I'm sure was an unfair, shortlived judgement of a West Coast city by a proud Torontonian) I've been reading Vancouver is Awesome. Which is awesome. Because it tells me things like this.

Here's a quote that I think will make up for my brooding and ambiguity:

...promise to yourself that you will not wait. No more waiting, you're saying to yourself while adjusting the cord, tonight will be the night. You run your fingers through your hair, button up your shirt. One last look in the mirror. On your way across the street you step on a tulip, it occurs to you that it's the freshest sound you've ever heard.


TM said...

Happy Birthday! So glad to see you're still around. I love reading about your concert exploits and envying you. Also, your video of "I Have Loved You Wrong" is all I watch. Ever. Keep up your lovely work, friend!

When are you in Vancouver?!

esther said...

Thank you Tyler! Good to see you're around too, post more often--I miss reading your writing. I'm glad you're enjoying The Swell Season because my camera broke after that.

I'll probably be in on December 19th. When are you there until?

TM said...

AUGH. I leave on the 11th, and don't come back until the 4th-ish. Winners.