Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sea of food

I started editing my Montréal photos and had to share these before anything else. First, um, the Best Brunch EVER. Capital Bs, and all-caps EVER.

Amuse-bouche sweet bread, fresh field greens salad, butter croissant with ham and chèvre cheese, salmon cake, "scrambled" egg, fruits, fresh-squeezed orange juice (included in your price!).

My sister's brunch: Sausage, ham, scrambled egg, baked beans, bacon, potatoes, French bread and fruits. And she ordered Mimosa. It was like, the best mimosa in the world. If you ever find yourself in Montréal, go down to Le Cartet at 106 Rue McGill down in Old Port Montréal on a weekend and treat yourself. I'm still dreaming about the day I'll get to go back to this brunch.

Chestnut purée crêpe with fresh whipped cream, companion to...

Buckwheat crêpe with chèvre cheese, chicken and spinach, at my favourite restaurant in the city, Juliette et Chocolat at St-Denis and Sherbrooke.

Yes, my friends, this is a menu for JUST poutines, at La Banquise at 994 Rue Rachel Est, up in the Plateau. Their "large" poutine is actually big enough to put your face in the bowl.

Some hilarious Québecois beer with a guy in distress on the label that my sister had at La Banquise. It was like, spiced with coriander, pretty weird and strangely good.

My Poutine B.O.M!!! Bacon, sautéed onions and some sausages that started with an M but I forgot what that stood for. Check out that grease.

I just got super hungry.

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