Thursday, December 24, 2009

A mountainous Christmas

I am on the West Coast! Spirits are as high as the mountains here, and I think I will forever be jealous of the waters and the hills here, no matter how much I love Toronto. Tonight I'm watching In Bruges, my favourite Christmas movie (though it barely qualifies... tee hee), and tomorrow I'm going up to the Burnaby Mountain Park, on a suggestion from a friend. I also booked a NYE trip to Montreal, leaving on the very day that I arrive in Toronto. EXCITING!

I did a favourites list last year, and I do miss the time I spent with the music, but I think I'll just share some Christmas music this year.

Merry ho ho ho, and everything else too. Warmth and love to you, and everything else too.

Talk soon.


Anonymous said...

Woah, wait. Did you just say you're coming to Montreal for NYE?! I'll be there from the 31st-3rd, just sayin ;)

Daniel Robb said...

click for my contribution to this list ;)

esther said...

Dan, I approve!

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