Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pros and cons

Last night was Nuit Blanche in Toronto, our fourth annual, and possibly the one where out-of-towners and keen lovers of cool, contemporary-sounding art finally realized that maybe it's not worth staying up all night, waiting for insufficient transit for pretentious artist statements that make things sound a lot more cool than it actually is. I'm guilty as charged for making this judgement after having attended only one year of the nonetheless admirable efforts by Torontonian artists... and this year I went to see Whip It instead.

And Drew Barrymore and I have the same taste in music. Ellen Page = very cute.

That digressed--anyway, then there's this: Timber Timbre and Bruce Peninsula, in one night, at a library. I'm very excited, even if Taylor Kirk asked me to remove my YouTube video of his performance at Soundscapes. Well, thank you for making your home here, mes artistes.


sharm said...

Can Make Some Noise turn into an annual Esther-Sharmin tradition? It was such a random night last year, I loved it.

Daniel Robb said...

this was my first year skipping nuit blanche. i feel indifferent. you're probably right - artist statements make things sound infinitely cooler than they really are.