Monday, March 30, 2009

Dirt and grime

Designing and dyeing for Caliban, from The Tempest by (the amazing) Shakespeare.

Deformed and grimey.

Wear & tear with scissors, stitch rippers and nail clippers

After dyeing the first layer with tea. Thank you, Lipton.

Fibre-reactive dye. Building layers.

With a lot of green... This is pretty much the stage it's at right now, but with a lot more green.

Dyeing my skin, while I'm at it. Can I be a Martian?

ps. When I first started writing here, I meant to keep track of the things I was making and creating. I couldn't stand the fact that school, which I attend to further my creative knowledge, was such a hindrance to this, so it's pretty exciting when I get to do things like dyeing.

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The Puritan Impulse said...

Looks really goodzzz ESTER! Teach me the ways of fibre reactive dyes.