Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009 / the Kanye blog

First of all, happy new year, readers! Hope you find lots of hidden treasures and mine a fortune (metaphorically or not), and hope your hangovers weren't too bad.

I began my new year with a few friends, glass of champagne and... Moulin Rouge. I also discovered the phenomenon that is The Kanye Blog, and honestly... so cooooooool. The man is a cocky asshole but man, he finds some amazing stuff, or has people working for him to find this stuff. Imagine being a collector of this stuff... oh my.

Soft sculpture

The foldable keyboard

Surface face

Bling tank

"Where are youuuu yeezy???"

1 comment:

Amy K said...

I put that fish tank on my blog too! Samesies. I think my fighter man would be overwhelmed by the swimming possibilities though.