Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December is lively

Things that are making this winter so far:

1. Copious amounts of cooking and baking. I am now the queen of carrot cakes as acknowledged by my roommates, and last weekend I baked a delicious banana loaf that I see in my dreams. The roomies and I also made a huge pot of beef stew with some old wine we had left and it's some epic form of hearty. I almost want to go swimming in it.

2. I am usually invincible when it comes to the temptation that is Starbucks Red Cups, but their salted caramel signature hot chocolate is magic with sea salt on top.

3. The air vent right over my feet when I sleep.

4. The notion of the Liberal-NDP coalition, while it lasted (well, we'll see in January). I cannot believe how effective Harper's "this is ~*undemocratic*~" line really was. And now Parliament is somewhere else, playing for seven weeks. I could easily go into a rant here, but that is for some other day.

5. My dad is in Korea, and he bought me a glockenspiel!

6. I am officially unemployed from Drugstore Pharmacy, and the pharmacy team took me out to dinner for the last time. I baked them my (famous) carrot cake and banana bread, and they bestowed upon me heaps of gifts and the cutest card in the world that make me burst into tears... from laughing. I will miss them lots, but a girl's gotta find her way!

I've been listening to a few songs with the word "Christmas" in them for festivity. There's no Christmas tree or stockings or lights or wreaths in our basement apartment (how college of us) so music will have to do. I'll share soon!

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Wendy said...

I am so addicted to Starbucks! I have not heard of the salted caramel hot chocolate before, though. Something about it makes me think that it sounds disgusting, but then something about it is drawing me in. I'm going to have to try it!