Wednesday, November 12, 2008

en papier, en deux

I thought I'd mention the lovely music behind the name of this blog: Paper Anniversary by Christine Fellows (a not-very-subtle reference to her first anniversary with husband John K. Samson of the Weakerthans). She is a very Canadian artist from Winnipeg. I've been listening to this album on repeat for awhile now.

I saw her in concert last December at the Music Hall in Toronto; she had a projector full of art to share, and a flock of birds that came along. December last year was lovely.

I uploaded a song from the album: Vertebrae.

Last time I came here to visit him
I ran sunburnt through the halls
My arms full of tiger lilies
I don't remember this
But I was told to go home
And to clear the doorstep of flowers

Why, when you know you should go,
Is it so hard to leave?

Plan for Thursday: a cancelled class, and Iron & Wine in concert!


Markus said...

I can't wait for more of this. Congrats on the little blog, at least I can feel somewhat connected to you in the in-between times that I don't see you.

TM said...

A wonderful source of inspiration for a blog. Thank you for following, and thank you for writing.